Enjoy locally grown…buffalo, that is

I’ve always tried to support local farmers. I grow my own veggies in season, so am not a member of any of the Northfield area’s fine CSA operations, but I’ve purchased free-range chickens from several area chicken wranglers over the years. Starting this year, my family has been enjoying tasty chickens from the Latino Farmers Cooperative.

We’ve also been enjoying delicious pastured buffalo from Johnson’s Buffalo Ranch just west of Lonsdale. Dennis and Nancy Johnson are friendly folks who switched from pigs to pastured bison a number of years ago. Their bison are on pasture their entire lives, with no supplemental feed other than hay as needed seasonally. They live under humane conditions until they are field-slaughtered, so don’t have to endure that final ride to the slaughterhouse.

Dennis and Nancy sell all of their meat directly (I pick up mine at their farm on Highway 19; they also sell at the Lonsdale and New Prague farmers markets) for very reasonable prices. With farmers such as the Johnsons, the Latino Farmers Cooperative, and CSAs such as Big Woods Farm, Open Hands Farm, Valley Creek Farm and Gardens of Eagan, the Northfield area is well positioned to develop a full-blown relocalized food economy. Support your local farmer!


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