Looking for a leader, part II: the times, they are a-changing

On February 3, 2008 I blogged (“Looking for a leader”) about my family’s overwhelmingly positive experience at the previous day’s Obama rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis:

“I’ve made my choice among the presidential candidates. I was 99% behind Barack Obama before yesterday (with 1% still considering support for Hillary Clinton, who I would also be thrilled to see in the White House). After attending the Obama rally yesterday at the Target Center in Minneapolis, the 1% of remaining indecision evaporated.


As important as Obama’s moving, eloquent, funny, genuine 54-minute stump speech was in completely winning me over, the energy, diversity and hopefulness of the 20,000-person-strong crowd was perhaps even more impressive. As I waited to enter the building before the rally with my wife Anne and son Jakob in a line that stretched out of sight, I saw eager, excited faces. They were black, white, brown, old, young, affluent and not-so-affluent. In short, they were the faces of America… (more)”

Today,  351 days later, America celebrates the inauguration of Barack Hussein Obama as President. I remain hopeful that he will act as a major change agent at a time when our nation, and the world, are in urgent need of fundamental social tranformation to a more sustainable path. We badly need a leader able to pull people together, articulate a positive course of action, and act as a catalyst for major policy and social change.

Obama, and we as a people, face major challenges in the form of a badly faltering economy, major access, cost and quality problems in our health care and educational systems, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, global climate change, global poverty, and strife around the world based on ancient ethnic and religious animosities and resource competition. My fervent hope is that we, the people, and our new President, have the wisdom, vision, commitment and willingness to sacrifice to translate today’s exuberance and hope into lasting change that will lead to a better tomorrow not only for all Americans, but for all people worldwide, and the ecosystems upon which our shared well-being depends.

May we have found the leader we so desperately need. Godspeed, President Obama!


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    Great post!

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    Thanks, Christopher! Go Obama!

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