Preparing for spring

One of the joys of January is poring over seed catalogs as they arrive with their promises of beautiful, bounteous johnnys-catalogyields of homegrown produce. I love to sit by the woodstove on a frigid winter’s evening and contemplate the potential merits of varieties of veggies and herbs I have not grown before versus tried and true favorites.

If you share this gardener’s off-season joy, think you might like to join the brother/sisterhood of (food) gardeners, or would just plain like to learn more about being an effective gardener, Just Food is sponsoring two gardening classes that you should check out (from the Events Calendar):

Gardening, Part 1- Plan your Garden

Jan 22 2009 – 5:00pm
Jan 22 2009 – 7:00pm
Now’s the time to begin planning your garden! Larua Frerichs, co-owner of Loon Organics, will discuss soil preparation, which plants can be direct seeded and which ones need to be transplanted, and how to schedule plantings throughout the season to maximize production. Held in the Just Food Event Space. Class is free, but preregistration is required at Just Food or by calling 507….

Co-op Class: Gardening, Part 2- What to Plant?

Jan 29 2009 – 5:00pm
Jan 29 2009 – 7:00pm
Erin Johnson and Ben Doherty of Open Hands Farm will lead a discussion on the different varieties available, what’s new, and which varieties work well in our area and which don’t. Held in the Just Food Event Space. This class is free, but please preregister at the front of the store or by calling507-650-0106
I don’t recall which cabbage varieties (perhaps Ruby Ball and Copenhagen) I grew in the summer of 1990 (below) in

Maia Larson, cabbage princess, summer 1990

Maia Larson, cabbage princess, summer 1990

the bountiful 1/2 acre garden I had on the old farm Anne, Maia and I lived on near Circle and Fox Lakes, but they were winners.

Just Food offers all sorts of other great sustainability-related classes, not just of the food-oriented variety. An excellent example is next Monday’s class on small wind turbines offered by Northfield’s Dan Borek:

Small Wind Power

Jan 26 2009 – 7:00pm

Jan 26 2009 – 8:00pm

Ever wonder what it would take to power your home, business or farm with a wind turbine? Join instructor Dan Borek as he answers your questions about small wind power possibilities. Held in the Just Food Event Space, please preregister for this free class while you are at Just Food or by calling 507-650-0106.

I expect to make it to the gardening classes, at least. Hope to see you there!

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