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Spring Creek Wind project: open microphone statement, November 29 Planning Commission meeting

When you only have three minutes, you gotta be succinct. For the record: RENew Northfield statement of support for the proposed Carleton and Spring Creek Wind Projects November 29, 2010 Bruce Anderson, 501 St. Olaf Avenue (commenting on behalf of the board of RENew Northfield) Members of the Planning Commission: the wind proposals before you [...]

Preparing for spring

One of the joys of January is poring over seed catalogs as they arrive with their promises of beautiful, bounteous yields of homegrown produce. I love to sit by the woodstove on a frigid winter’s evening and contemplate the potential merits of varieties of veggies and herbs I have not grown before versus tried and [...]

Building a strong local food system

I’ve been an organic gardener for about 3o years now, and have grown lots of my family’s veggies, herbs and berries over those years (more in some years, less in others). I love digging in the dirt, and the satisfaction of savoring the literal fruits of my labor. In addition, I have long believed that [...]

Open Hands barn-raising: beautiful, functional reuse

After seeing the Northfield News photo essay on the Open Hands Farm barn-raising a few weeks ago, I knew I needed to swing by to see what was happening. I’m a huge fan of locally-produced food, old timber-frame barns and reuse of construction materials. What’s not to like?!? I walked the 2.5 miles from my [...]

Enjoy locally grown…buffalo, that is

I’ve always tried to support local farmers. I grow my own veggies in season, so am not a member of any of the Northfield area’s fine CSA operations, but I’ve purchased free-range chickens from several area chicken wranglers over the years. Starting this year, my family has been enjoying tasty chickens from the Latino Farmers [...]