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Local wind saga continues

The Northfield City Council, by a 5-2 vote (voting yes were Mayor Rossing and Councilors Buckheit, Denison, Vohs and Zweifel; voting no, Councilors Pokorney and Pownell), passed a resolution of strong support for the proposed Spring Creek Wind project. The resolution contained identical language to the resolution of support for the proposed new Carleton wind [...]

Setbacks are key: they should remain unchanged until informed by sound science

For your further reading pleasure, the letter to the editor I wrote for today’s Northfield News (before it was edited a bit by The News, and their somewhat misleading headline inserted): To the editor: Setbacks are key: they should remain unchanged until informed by sound science I agree with Gary Carlson (“Setbacks key for turbines,” [...]

Spring Creek Wind project: open microphone statement, November 29 Planning Commission meeting

When you only have three minutes, you gotta be succinct. For the record: RENew Northfield statement of support for the proposed Carleton and Spring Creek Wind Projects November 29, 2010 Bruce Anderson, 501 St. Olaf Avenue (commenting on behalf of the board of RENew Northfield) Members of the Planning Commission: the wind proposals before you [...]

Preparing for spring

One of the joys of January is poring over seed catalogs as they arrive with their promises of beautiful, bounteous yields of homegrown produce. I love to sit by the woodstove on a frigid winter’s evening and contemplate the potential merits of varieties of veggies and herbs I have not grown before versus tried and [...]

Making wise home energy investments

For most people, their house is not only their home, it’s also their single largest investment. Investments in our homes have been taking a battering with falling home values the past couple of years, but there is another way to make a nearly sure-fire investment in your home: investing in home energy efficiency. Natural gas [...]