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Biking becoming mainstream transportation choice

I’ve been a participant in, and observer of, Northfield’s bicycling sub-culture for the past 42 years, and I can say without hesitation that it has been slowly, but surely, developing in recent years into mainstream culture. I’ve been biking in and around town since my lime green Schwinn Stingray first rolled out the driveway and [...]

Nordic Ski Town USA? Active Living USA?

Cows, colleges and contentment? Fuggedaboutit. Cows, colleges and cross country skiing should be Northfield’s new town motto, if the number of participants in yesterday’s Vasloppet ski races is any indication. I skied in the 42-kilometer classic race with friends Mark Mellstrom (left) and Dave Folland (right). An astounding 34 Northfielders participated in all of the [...]