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Preparing for spring

One of the joys of January is poring over seed catalogs as they arrive with their promises of beautiful, bounteous yields of homegrown produce. I love to sit by the woodstove on a frigid winter’s evening and contemplate the potential merits of varieties of veggies and herbs I have not grown before versus tried and [...]

Looking for a leader, part II: the times, they are a-changing

On February 3, 2008 I blogged (“Looking for a leader”) about my family’s overwhelmingly positive experience at the previous day’s Obama rally at the Target Center in Minneapolis: “I’ve made my choice among the presidential candidates. I was 99% behind Barack Obama before yesterday (with 1% still considering support for Hillary Clinton, who I would [...]

Enjoying stored solar energy

I’ve been heating my home primarily with my freestanding Vermont Castings Dutchwest woodstove since December 1996. This high-efficiency, clean-burning, catalytic stove is able to heat our two-story, 1910-vintage home very nicely, although my wife and kids occasionally(!) complain about the temperature in the 2nd-floor bedrooms. I bow to their complaints to the extent that we use [...]

Cohousing in the news

I received a Happy Holidays e-card yesterday from CoHousing Partners (the cohousing development firm headed by Katie McCamant, who I brought to Northfield in November for a couple of cohousing educational events, along with her husband, architect Chuck Durrett of McCamant & Durrett Architects). The card included some cohousing news, including a link to a [...]

Jacobsens reap a windy harvest

I miss seeing Rollie Jacobsen’s smiling face when I shop at Just Food (no offense to all the other smiling faces I still enjoy seeing!). The long-time pillar of the local retail community’s stint at Just Food was preceded by many years of service at Jacobsen’s Family Store, of which he was a third-generation owner [...]