Green Building

LEED-Accredited Professional

Clean energy solutions

I offer clean energy solutions for buildings of all types (new construction and retrofit):

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  • Shell measures/building techniques
  • HVAC (heating and cooling, including ground source and air source heat pumps and solar)
  • Appliances
  • Lighting

Renewable energy501stolaf-view-from-south-smaller.JPG

  • Solar thermal (water and space heating)
  • Solar electric (photovoltaic or PV)
  • Wind energy options, on and off-site, fromjacobs-20-kw-turbine-small.jpg
    • small (net-metered, under 40 kilowatts) to
      • large (commercial scale) systems over 1,000 kilowattscarleton-turbine-close-up-small.jpg
      • Biofuels (e.g. biomass-fueled heating systems)

      Building materials selection

      • Low embodied energy
      • Recycled/recyclable
      • Durable
      • Non-toxic

      Stormwater management solutions

      • Native landscaping
      • Aesthetically pleasing rain gardens and rain barrels
      • Pervious pavement